Beautiful Storage

Beautiful storage for your modern home

Elm sideboards made 100 years ago
Elm sideboards made 100 years ago

If you have a contemporary home you might be struggling to make your living spaces feel cosy and personal. A great solution is to complement your modern décor and furniture with one or two antique or recycled pieces.

Beautiful pot stand and cupboard
Beautiful pot stand and cupboard

Old pieces of quality add character to contemporary interiors through their beauty, history and personality.  Old wood develops gorgeous textures and is sensuous to touch.  Old lacquered pieces have a fantastic richness that you just can’t recreate.

Hall Table Our painted pieces also look very comfortable in contemporary spaces – and give you ‘art’ and ‘furniture’ in one package!  This brightly painted Tibetan willow chest is guaranteed to light up any room. It is also ideal for storage – great in a kids’ room or as a coffee or side table.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how practical furniture from 100 years ago can be. If you need to hide your CDs and DVDs below your widescreen television, one of our stunning low sideboards could be just perfect!

Red elm sideboard perfect for your new TV
A red elm sideboard could be perfect for your new TV

Are you a craft person? Perhaps you make beautiful beads or other kinds of jewellery.  Our antique red lacquer medicine cupboard could be the ideal place to store your materials or finished wares –  it would even store all those pieces of the children’s construction toys!

Furniture with Character! Give your home a treasure with that special piece of furniture you've been looking for.