Coffee Tables

#16050 can be used as a large coffee table in front of a 2- or 3-seater lounge. Made from northern elm, it is 2 metres long, 53 cm wide and 54 cm high. SOLD
#16050 end view.
#13358 is a long early 1900s red lacquer bench in elm from Shanxi province that would also make a useful coffee table. Length 156 cm depth 34 cm and height 56 cm. SOLD


#15093 is a large kang table dating from the mid 1900s. From Shanxi province, it is made from northern elm and would make an ideal coffee table. The top measures 134 cm long by 73 cm wide and 47 cm high.
#13231 is an early 1900s stool made in Fir from Fujian province that could also double as a coffee table: 116 cm long, 34 cm deep and 51 cm high.
#17014 is a square 4-drawer coffee table made from northern elm. It measures 85 cm square by 46 cm high.
#112024 is a low 3-drawer black lacquer elm sideboard dating from the late 1800s from Shanxi province that could also be used as a coffee table. It measures 38 deep x 158 long x 37 cm high. SOLD
#16150 offers great storage that will take even large bulky items. It will easily hide the kids’ toys or those untidy books and papers to make room for your coffee. Made from recycled northern elm, it is available in two sizes: 75 x 75 cm x 45 cm high and 65 x 65 cm  x 45cm high.
#17096 is a square coffee table in northern elm showing traces of its original black lacquer. The top measures 58 x 71 cm and it is 52 cm high.
#15076 small coffee table in red lacquered recycled northern elm. The drawer is made from an antique wood carving. Top measures 59 cm square and the table stands 40 cm high.
#17011-12 (centre) small yellow rosewood coffee table or side table 44cm square x 49 cm high.
#15074 Coffee table hand made from antique wood carving and recycled northern elm 63 cm square by 40 cm high.
#13231-1 a  long stool, early 1900s, made from fir wood from Fujian province.  It is 110 cm long, 29 cm deep and 50 cm high.
#16050 A very solid coffee or side table wiith 2 x 4 drawers (on each side) in northern elm. It is 197 cm long, 72 cm deep and 58 cm high. A great surface for kids board games or building lego and strong enough to withstand a bit of rough and tumble.
#16050 front view
#15097 side view.
#13218 This sturdy red lacquer long stool made from northern elm in the early 1900s could also be a useful and stylish coffee table. It is 90 cm long, 32 cm deep and 51 cm high.
#120035 (beneath) long low and very light stool or table was made from willow in the early 1900s in Hunan Province. It is 133 cm long, 36 cm deep and 37 cm high.


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